Bethany / skiing

She can ski…

Bethany isn’t even 3, and yet here she is, skiing down the beginners slopes at Mt Perisher with daddy trying to tell her to snowplow while she calls back ‘no daddy, I need to go faster’.

Bethany skiing down Mt Perisher, aed 2Daddy and Bethany skiing

The snow was great this year, as was the weather, so it was the perfect introduction to the slopes for Bethany. She enjoyed ‘ski school’ so much she can’t wait to go back again. Even I got out on the slopes for a day of skiing. Not bad when you consider 5 months ago I had a cesarean.

My daughter has expensive tastes in the sports she ‘enjoys’. She loves skiing, she loves horses and horse riding and she loves ice skating. I can see how parents could go broke on all the extra-curricula activities their children undertake. Fortunately, being a toddler, Bethany is currently easy to distract to other things, but if she keeps up her expensive sporting tastes, we are going to have fun as she gets older trying to figure out what she can and can’t do.

On the other hand, she enjoys trying pretty much everything, without fear, so who am I to hold her back. She also wants to do ‘dancing’.. well – ballet kinda girly stuff, and play music on any instrument she can get her hands on. Still tossing up the idea of whether to put her in regular dance class or not. Decisions, decisions…


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