The togs have it

Bethany’s new togsBethany discovered I had gotten her some new togs today and decided now would be the time to parade around in them giving me a fashion show. Of particular note was the fact that they had Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles on them, and of course, that they were pink.

I need to organise swimming lessons for her, as living in Australia, and frequenting New Zealand, swimming will be an essential tool of survival as she gets older. The problem I currently have is in finding a place for her to do beginners swimming lessons where I do not have to get in the water with her, not because I don’t want to, but because I need to look after Mitchell. So I am on the hunt.

On top of this, Bethany is now asking me constantly (or at least it seems like it) if she can learn to dance. Now those of you who know me will know I am the least likely person to know anything about dance, let alone be comfortable taking her to such classes, and yet, here I am researching them as I type… I want Bethany to be encouraged by extra-curricula activities, so I guess I will start playing mums’ taxi to dance class (when I find a suitable non-pressuring one) in the coming months…

I guess it also makes me realise my little girl isn’t so little any more as she is developing her own opinions, ideas, delights and hates.


One thought on “The togs have it

  1. Hey Lisamaree,
    I stopped by to see your blue-tongued lizard after reading your post on Neopets and I had to look at all the pics of the kids. Wow are they growing! Bethany looks very adorable in her wiggles outfit! Great job on your blog!

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