Lizards / Our back yard

Look who’s living in our back yard…

So, I was out attacking the jungle that is our garden today, when Bethany calls out to me ‘mummy, mummy, I found a scary lizard’. So I am thinking ok – imagination working overtime again, as we have had a lot of false alarms the last week or 2… so I go over to see what she is dancing about, and find this lovely little fellow sitting in the leaves…

Our blue tongue lizard

So I gave Bethany a quick lesson on the fact he is a ‘good’ lizard and we should be nice to him and encourage him to stay in our yard. This is a common blue tongue lizard. I am hoping it will stay and isn’t our only one as I was starting to think there was nothing in our big yard after having a whole family of eastern water skinks at my old place that wasn’t even 1/5 of the size. I feel much more settled knowing there are lizards.. they have a calming influence for me. I love having them around. If I didn’t have young kids, I would seriously consider getting one as a pet.


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