Bethany / giraffes

The waiting game

Waiting for FestyI find it amazing that children have such an emotional attachment to their soft toys. Bethany spent over 1/2 an hour watching the dryer as her soft toy giraffe “Festy” spun around and around drying after having a jacuzzi in the washing machine. She kept turning around and yelling out to me ‘Is he dry yet?’. We have an auto-detecting dryer, so it lets out a beep when the load is dry. You can imagine her excitement when she got her warm, clean and dry giraffe back. She wouldn’t let him go for the rest of the afternoon.

Festy“Festy” has been a part of Bethany’s life since she was 3 months old, and she developed an instant attachment to him, which has also developed into a complete love of giraffes. We have a couple of ‘spare Festys’, one of which she also likes to have around a lot, but no matter what, it is always the original that she wants and clings to the most.


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