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The things we do…

Kids… they bring new and interesting variety to our lives… especially when we decide to have a family day at a charity fair… anyone who knows me well will tell you dealing with the crowded masses is one of my least favorite things to do… but for my kids… I do it… but this fair was pretty bad. A sea of kids and prams, balloons tied to most (including our pram and kids).. navigation near impossible. We went to the Teddy Bears Picnic… a charity event for one of the children’s hospitals here in Sydney.

So we parked the pram at one side of the stage, and watched the menagerie of performers plus several boring speeches. As the performers became more ‘well known’ shall we say, the crush of kids became more ‘wild’… I have to ask why some parents are allowed to conceive… what responsible parent thinks it is cute/safe/normal for their kid to climb through a metal barricade and run up onto a stage while people are performing, despite being told more than once by stage officials to restrain the kid… and then doesn’t even reprimand the kid for it so the kid actually learns something from it… aaaanyways…

Performers from the teddy bears picnic Bethany watches Dora the Explorer at the Teddy Bears PicnicMitchell watching RAGGS the dog

So Bethany was happy because she saw Dora, and Mitchell was happy because he saw Raggs and his ‘kids club band’. After that, we fought more crowds to look through what we could of exhibits. We didn’t stop much, coz *damn* fighting through swarms of kids just to get to more kids fighting over stuff… YUCK. Then after having enough, and it being a hot day and all we promised Bethany one last ride on the way out…

Bethany rides on Toby

She rode in one of Toby’s carriages, but there was another train, or should I say *cough* ‘tank engine’ in front of Toby that she had to stop and look at while fighting that she didn’t want to leave the ride…

Bethany and Daddy with Thomas

Bethany had a great day, we thought she would be tired.. but alas… our little energizer battery just keeps going and going…. I am envious of those of you who have a child who gives you a break during the day… I don’t even remember what it is like to have quiet time like that.

So that was our day.. the Teddy Bears picnic wasn’t as ‘good’ as I expected, but I guess they never know how many people they will be catering for, and getting people to offer their services for free must be hard. And yet, if Bethany (and Mitchell) want to go again next year, we probably will. It is still a nice break as a family to take… and we all know how hard making family time can be these days.


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