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It’s Halloween, and *sigh* Australia doesn’t really celebrate it… so I figure – what the hay – we’re gunna have our own Halloween fun anyway. Vampire bats attached to the front porch, and some pumpkin fun for Bethany. I don’t care what everyone else in the neighbourhood thinks… we’re going to have fun. After all, Halloween is the best festival of the year on my calendar.. those of you who know me would know of my love for vampires and the ghouly things that go bump, clump and chomp in the night.

So I go looking for a nice traditional orange pumpkin – you know, the ones that you always see Americans using. Do you think I could find one? newp… so the choices… grey, a butternut, or green and splotchy. *sigh* Bethany ended up choosing green and splotchy… so I figure a pumpkin is better than no pumpkin.

Bethany was excited when I chopped the top off and she could spoon the ‘brains’ out.

Removing the *cough* brains from the pumpkin

We didn’t have the right tools, so I took to the pumpkin with a knife… I know – naughty, but .. ah well.. I still have all my fingers. 😉

Bethany’s first Jack-O-Lantern Bethany couldn’t contain her excitement as the face took shape. We chose a simple design because this was our first ever pumpkin. It came out pretty good considering. Bethany was chuffed. Elated, even. She hasn’t stopped carrying it around, or when she does put it down, she checks on it every five minutes. Too cute!

So I am thinking this is definitely a tradition we will have to continue next year.

What do you think?

The Headless Bethany

Ok – who stole my daughters head!!!

Happy Halloween everybody where ever you are. Don’t drink your blood too fast, it’s the only night of the year we can partake of it. 🙂


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