Bethany / Chocolate / Mitchell

Where has all this rain come from?

Rain. It is something we don’t generally see much of in Sydney, especially at this time of year… and yet.. it has been bucketing down for the last 4 days. I feel like I am living back in Auckland – wet, wet, and cold. Wat is up with this weather??!!?!

So confined, Bethany has had to find alternate things to do, and the one thing she loves to do the most is cook.

Bethany mashes bananas Bethany makes muffins

We made banana muffins from a recipe I found on the internet. Well – when I say ‘we’.. all I did was measure the ingredients and put the mixture in the muffin tray and into the oven. Bethany did all the pouring, mashing and mixing. And she loved it. She also loved eating them once they came out of course.

On the other hand Casey (that’s Bethany’s bagel.. oh – I mean Beagle puppy) has become very quiet and reserved, even off her food, all due to the stress of experiencing rain for the first time. She’s fine… but I think she has found rain a humbling and confining experience as we can’t let her out to run wild in the rain (and quite frankly she HATES being wet in the first place).

And then there is Mitchell… he loves his food. Although muliated meat – he has no interest in.  And can you blame him? Would you enjoy your steak ground down into a meatshake with veges thrown in for good measure… I know I wouldn’t and don’t. But I think Mitchell should have the last word on his dinner from tonight… chocolate… mmm mmm mmm
Mitchell enjoys is chocolate dairy food


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