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Privet can be hazardous to your health… and your spade!

The spade that privet brokeI was innocently trying to clean up the garden (yes… still… I can only do it one green bin at a time, so it is a long and slow process) on the weekend and decided it was time to try and dig some of the privet roots out before they try and regrow. I was doing well. I had got three root systems out, when I encountered the fourth. No matter how I dug, pried, pulled, twisted and wedged, it wasn’t budging. And then, I heard crack… the blade of the spade started to break in two. It eventually snapped… as per the photo, all because of some stubborn noxious plants that have been in this garden over 20 years that refuse to go away. So guess what I will have to go and purchase this weekend. 😉

Unfortunately, the privet root is still there… waiting for me to come back in “Spade 2” and do a Rocky Balboa on it’s roots. 🙂


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