Bethany / Fun

It’s December already??? When did that happen?!

So I’ve been MIA (that’s missing in action for those of you unfamiliar with three letter acronyms that annoying people like me use).  Combination of things really.. but mostly.. my laptop power supply died a horrible death and left me computer-less and thus, no written words from me. 😉

Our first Christmas party involved a family fun day for Titus’s work. Bethany had a wonderful time wanting to go on everything, despite the sun and heat.

Bethany on the flying swing There was a flying swing (is that the right term for it? – see picture on left), a giant slide, spinning teacups, reptile displays, rugrats shows, and so much more.  Really nice of Titus’s work to do something like that for the families as it is a really fun day for the family.

In other news, Bethany and Mitchell sat on Santa’s lap today. I am so proud of them.. not that I was surprised by how keen Mitchell was. He was laughing and smiling the whole time, and he is such a friendly baby anyway it was easy. Bethany needed a fair amount of convincing, but eventually she sat on Santa and was happy afterwards because she thinks Santa now knows what to get her. 🙂

Christmas is coming around so quickly this year. I don’t know where the time is going. And people seem to have become idiots in the stores (and their associated carparks) already this yeah.. yick! Only part of Christmas I hate is having to fight the crowds for shopping.


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