A visit from uncy Nige

So my brother is talking to me on IRC at about 9 pm, and he says ‘hey – would you like two visitors?’ and I say ‘sure – why not!’, and he says ‘ great – we’ve booked tickets, see you tomorrow morning at 10 am!’.So it wasn’t quite that simple, but Mitchell and Bethany had their Uncle Nige and his girlfriend come stay from New Zealand for a few days. The kids had a blast! Spoilt rotten of course.Here is Mitchell with Uncy Nige.Uncy Nige made a great horsey for the kids to bounce on. ;)Mitchell had so much fun that when we dropped Uncy Nige and his girlfriend off at the airport, Mitchell threw his first temper tantrum when they went through the gate to customs.. which Bethany and I had to endure all the way home. Lucky us eh! (NOT!!!). We picked Titus up at the train station and his comment was ‘what’s his problem?’… Mitchell isn’t one to cry in the car normally. So needless to say we can’t wait until Uncy Nige and PJ come back!! 


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