Our back yard

Hello Possum

This morning, while going to put Bethany in the car for the drive to daycare, she complained there was a ‘cat’ under the car near her door. Upon further inspection, it was pretty obvious it was a brushtail possum. My first thought was ‘strange place for a possum to hang out for the day’… knowing they are normally nocturnal and tree bound. Upon producing fruit to tempt it unsuccessfully out as we didn’t want to squish it since it was located next to the rear passenger side wheel, I decided to have a closer look…The possum was just under 30 cm long.. so a ‘young one’.. but it has been ‘eaten alive’.. that is about as ‘kind’ as I can get to the poor situation the possum was in. It was still alive… but suffering. What kinds of animals do that to a possum (yes – it’s a rhetorical question)! I was quite horrified (and so to save your stomachs from upturning, I won’t go into graphic detail of the possums injuries).So what do you do? Fortunately, I remembered an organisation called Wires and decided to give them a call… especially since possums are viewed slightly differently in their native Australia to how we would view them in New Zealand (noxious introduced pests).  The volunteer at Wires was friendly and efficient. She agreed with my assessment the animal was suffering and needed to be put down, and then confirmed the closest Wires affiliated vet for me to take it to, giving me instructions on how to handle the possum in a way to cause it as little trauma as possible (although given its ordeal, I’m not sure it was too phased by some human picking it up and stuffing it in a box). The vet took one look and of course, took the poor little possum away to be euthanised. So there is my morning excitement in a nutshell… and now I know what to do in the event I come across an injured native animal again one day. 


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