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Gung Hey Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year.We celebrated last night with family at a restaurant, indulging in fish, lobster, and other yummy food to bring in the New Year.Mitchell & Mummy BethanyThe highlight of the night was the chinese lion dance.  The loud drums, the bright colours, and the energetic dancers in the lion roamed from table to table with Bethany and Mitchell absolutely infatuated by it all. Chinese Lion Mitchell was so excited by the noise and dancing. When the lion came to our table, he was holding the red pocket for the lion happily, not afraid, and not even flinching as it was ‘eaten’. I was surprised, but delighted, as most kids I know aren’t exactly amused by the lion. Even Bethany took 5 minutes to warm up to the idea of the lion before wanting to get closer to watch it.  Towards the end of the lion dance, we noticed Mitchell ‘dropping’ his head.. and realised, despite the fact these big, loud drums were only metres away from him, he was falling asleep. How amazing is that?!So the year of the rat is upon us! Prosperity to all! 

One thought on “Gung Hey Fat Choi

  1. LOVE the pink shoes. Between pink stuff and Dean, I’d say Bethany is a girl with great taste! The kids both are adorable in these pics; I can’t believe how fast they’re growing. You’ll have to bring them to Seattle to be sugared up by Evil Auntie Jenn. 😉

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