Lisamaree / Mitchell

The “joys” of spew

WARNING: Do not read this if you have a weak stomach. Hard to believe for most I am sure, but I was confronted with my first ‘spew’ from one of my children today. Bethany has only spewed once, and fortunately a friend was there to deal with it… since I don’t have much of a constitution for dealing with vomit. Mitchell and I were walking out the door to go to music class when ‘ka-bleuch’ a lovely concoction of his breakfast combined with formula spewed forth from his mouth all over him, some of me, furniture and the floor. mmm… mmm… mmm…First task was to de-clothe Mitchell… a huge challenge to remove baby-ware covered in spew from a wiggly, keen to escape and crawl off baby. Fortunately, at the prospect of seeing me running a bath, he was far more eager of the idea. Mitchell in the bath, clothes isolated for washing, the prospect of how to clean the floor and furniture looked daunting.  Unable to leave Mitchell in the bath alone, the clean up had to wait until I had him washed, dried and dressed…After ‘containing’ Mitchell away from the mess (yet another challenge with an incredibly determined and mobile baby), I actually cleaned up without throwing up myself. How proud am I! I am normally not able to contain myself in these situations and end up making more of a mess… so not only was it my first time dealing with spew… but my first time not to throw up myself dealing with it. Yay ME!! 


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