Bethany / Mitchell / Our back yard

And the sun shone…

Believe it or not, we have had a few sunny days. (For those not in Sydney, we have had an unusually prolific amount of rain, storms and overcast days this year and I have felt like I am living back in Auckland). This, plus a freshly mowed lawn allowed the kids the freedom they have so desperately wanted into the back yard. Mitchell in the red carMitchell discovered the joys of being pushed around in the red car. Excited, he kept standing up and ‘cheering’, finding the bumping and bouncing along the lawn fun. Of course, poor mum had a gym session pushing him around… and around… and around… as our yard isn’t exactly small as many of you know. 😉 Being a true boy, Mitchell really does love cars, trucks, trains… anything with wheels really… so prying him from the car was a bit of a chore. Finally I convinced him to play in the cubby house with Bethany for a bit so I could have a (brief) break from pushing the car around… and around. ;)He explored the balcony of the cubby eagerly, then decided to try to ‘stand up’ to go inside, unsuccessfully since he can’t walk on his own yet, but Bethany, ever the good big sister was very supportive and gave him lots of cuddles.Bethany and Mitchell in the cubby I am blessed. Bethany rarely shows any jealousy to Mitchell, and in fact, for a 3 year old, is extremely patient and accommodating. She will often, out of her own choice, play, sing, cuddle and even try to motivate Mitchell… ‘c’mon Mitchell… you can do it!’. It is so sweet to watch. However I have to admit the funniest times are when Bethany wants her space, but Mitchell wants to play with her. She will be playing happily, as hurricane Mitchell rolls up and tries to ‘join in’ the fun. Bethany will get frustrated with an ‘ohhhh – Mitchell!’, pick up whatever she is playing with and seek ‘higher’ ground.. ie. a bed, the couch, a table. Mitchell just laughs a wicked laugh and follows… as he is developing his ‘cruising’ skills, he can even annoy her on higher ground now to varying degrees when he wishes… much to Bethany’s annoyance. But she takes it all in her stride and tries different tactics to distract Mitchell… pulling out toys for him she knows he likes and strategically placing them in an area where she is not.  But she always comes back to check on him, and eventually play with him or encourage him to come and do something with her… of late, watching certain tv shows together. She cuddles him while he watches. Like I say, I know jealousy is something a lot of mums (and dads) have to deal with when they have more than one child, and I KNOW how lucky I am to have two kids who love each other and enjoy each others company…   


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