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Baby on a Plane!!!

Worse than snakes on a plane… try dealing with a child that cries for almost 1/2 the flight… of an 8.5 hour flight… in an airbus  340. It is more than exhausting. Singing till your vocal cords are raw, cuddling till your arms want to drop off, walking the length of the plane and back.. every trick in the book, and Mitchell would not settle. He didn’t like being cooped up for a start (Thanks for NOT giving us a cot seat – even though they were supposedly taken by babies but you gave them to old people *grumbles about airlines*), and the air pressure definitely played a role as take off and landing were more of a scream than a cry. The air hostesses were all like ‘don’t worry about it – let him cry.. that’s what babies do’, but I am sure the other people on the plane were thinking something a lot less flattering. Pain killer didn’t help, milk didn’t help… wow… what a challenge. It is such a role reversal for us since Bethany is the perfect traveller and has been since she was 3 months old. She loves getting on the plane… loves all the different activities on the plane… slept for 4 hours (!!! why can’t she ever do that at home!!!) and had a wonderful time.Mitchell watches the world of Hong Kong go by. 
Now that we are here, Mitchell is fascinated by the vehicles on the busy streets, and spends literally an hour at a time looking out the window at the world pass by. He turns back every now and then and yells ‘KAAAA!’ then continues to watch everything happening outside.Meanwhile, Bethany is fascinated by the city lights, and the yummy street food we have now addicted her to. A lot of the buildings are celebrating the fact the Equestrian events for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing are being held here (I didn’t know that until we saw the city at night.. did you?).. and it makes for a beautiful night time display.Bethany and the Horse in lightsThis one is right next to where we are staying… pretty huh? Bethany thinks so. 😉 

One thought on “Baby on a Plane!!!

  1. Lisa, these pics are adorable! Bethany looks sooo happy, and Mitchell is postively enthralled by the cars. Just wait until he is older and “KAAAA!” becomes “not publishable in a family blog!” I hope you guys are having a wonderful time on your trip!

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