Bethany / Hong Kong / Mitchell

Accessing the inaccessible…

How much do you take for granted your mobility? How often do you wonder how you would get around if you didn’t have the use of your legs? I guess since we took a recent trip to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, I have come to realise how fortunate we are in Australia (well Sydney at least) that accessibility, while not perfect, is at least considered in a lot of location designs now a days. Ocean Park is a theme park where you can see dolphin, seals, and giant pandas. It is built on the side of a mountain on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Being a theme park, you would think… great… easy to take a stroller around. You’d be WRONG! While thought has been put into the steepness of the area by including escalators up the side of the mountain… very loooong escalators… there are still steps and stairs to navigate in order to get to the attractions at the top of the park. Bethany and the PandaSo after a lot of lifting of the stroller, we made it around the park… certainly gave the arm muscles some exercise. Bethany enjoyed herself immensely. She especially loved the panda bears, and delighted in telling us they eat bamboo. She has been watching a kids show called ‘Stanley’, where she learnt that from apparently. The pandas were extremely cute. One was just sitting near us, peeling the bamboo and munching on it.They also has a bird show, despite the bird flu problems in the area, and Bethany got up close and personal to a red macaw (am I right?). It decided to sqwark at her just as I took the photo, and scared her a bit. 😉 I don’t think she expected such a big noise out of such a small creature.Bethany sees red... birds. ;) The rides were ok.. bog standard roller coasters, ferris wheels and stuff… although the merry-go-round was pretty cute… all panda bears instead of horses. Bethany went on her first log flume ride with me… and loved it… until the last big slide and *splash*. 😉 The dolphins were amazing as always… and they had about 8 of them doing tricks in their show… although the tank they do the tricks in is pretty small. They also had a dolphin university, where you could just go and watch the dolphins playing and learning. The baby dolphins there were too cute. There was also a 1.4 – 1.5 km gondola ride which joined one part of the park with another. Mitchell loved it.. as you can probably tell. More pics on the flickr site for those interested. 

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