Disneyland / Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Mouse House

Our last 2 days in Hong Kong were dedicated to the largest Mouse franchise in the world (of which I myself am admittedly guilty of buying into again and again) and their latest Disneyland located here. We had been warned by everyone that it was small and you can easily get through it in 1/2 a day. Well…. that’s BULL. Yes. It is small… It currently only has 4 lands – Main Street, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. However it wBethany and mummy with Mickeyas the perfect size for the kids without being overwhelming, and the characters which are normally hard to spend time with in the Californian version are easily accessible here. Speaking of access, wheelchair and stroller friendly… this place takes an award for its accessibility. A complete flip from Ocean Park… hardly any stairs in sight.. ramps everywhere.. disabled toilets everywhere…. toilets and baby change facilities everywhere… of course, you wouldn’t expect much less from Disney. Bethany loved meeting the characters… Mickey, Minnie and Donald in particular. Mitchell was also enthralled by the characters, and a LOT of them couldn’t help wanting to cuddle or kiss him. (In fact, many people in Hong Kong seemed to be ‘drawn’ to him). Mitchell, Mushu and MummyBut of all the characters Mitchell met, it was Mushu who excited him the most. He laughed and giggled the whole time he saw the friendly red dragon. When it was time to go, he cried! It was sad, but cute at the same time.  Food was good here… ironically not very american. They had different chinese foods available, although the standard burger and chips were available from some food outlets in the park. It was tasty and filling though. The stage shows were really good, and I have to particularly recommend the Lion King show in Adventureland. It was quite stunning… a mix of the movie and the stage version rolled up into a nice small package. Everywhere the ‘cast members’ spoke english as well as cantonese and were overly friendly. I don’t know if they do this at other Disneylands, but the cast members had stickers they gave to our kids all the time, so Bethany has ended up with a fair collection she is thinking of putting on the inside of her cubby house. We stayed at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel for the last day of our trip, and were most impressed with the hotel, service and room. We chose this hotel over the main Disneyland hotel because it was more ‘Mickey Mouse’ themed, and we were glad we did as Bethany thought she was in heaven as we walked into the hotel the first time. There were hidden Mickeys everywhere, a tv showing Disney channel set up in the lobby for the kids, Mickey statues … and that was before we even got to the room. The room we stayed in was larger than the one we had for most of our stay in Hong Kong, with 2 double beds, Mickey portrait on the wall, countless channels of disney and playhouse disney for the kids and the bathroom had shampoo and bath gel with little mickey lids. Both Bethany and Mitchell loved it (although Mitchell was a little disappointed he could no longer stare out the window). At night, when we returned to the hotel, Goofy was there to give the kids a goodnight cuddle before bed. Great stuff!! Can’t ask for a better way to send the kids to bed. 😉 


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