A shadowy flight into the tv world of a show that used to exist.

I’m a Knight Rider fan. Always have been.. ask any of my friends. Still love the lines of the black pontiac transam from the 80’s show (even if they weren’t a good drive), and loved the sarcasm KITT provided… and of course, William Daniels as his voice. The Hoff I can do without, but it wouldn’t have been the same show without him. So anyway, you may or may not know it has (yet again) been remade with a Ford Mustang Cobra as KITT (voiced by *cough* Val Kilmer*) in the form of a ‘next gen’ to the original show. There are also rumours of a big screen movie, but I won’t hold my breath for that one. Intrigued by the new tv movie (also known as a back-door pilot), I finally got to watch it. And ya know… it isn’t that bad. The car actually has some nice lines, the story is ok (although some of it needs tweaking), and the guy who plays ‘Michael’ seems to fit the part.  Unfortunately, it did have a few holes I found surprising… how easily ‘hackable’ KITT is for a start… and the scientist who created this new KITT is not pulled form the list of original scientists in the original series, even though this version tries to make us believe it is a continuation of the original in another generation (and if you’re wondering why I am going on about the next generation here.. well… without spoiling those who haven’t seen it.. the Hoff makes an albeit token appearance.. figure it out for yourself. ;))…. What I don’t understand is, why is it so hard for them to make a successful new Knight Rider in this day and age. Twenty years have passed, and cars have evolved to a point where a lot of what was ‘fiction’ in the original are now common place in current cars (ok – not the turbo boost :P) and quite believable. It isn’t hard to see a crime fighting show with a slightly futuristic car with a fantastic on board computer as quite a viable scenario.. and yet, thus far… all the -re-invention of the Knight Rider franchise have been poorly written, ridiculous and flops… can this one turn things around? Or will it too end up just another distant memory.  


One thought on “A shadowy flight into the tv world of a show that used to exist.

  1. I think there is too much technology that is real and common place and not much for imagination. We have all the things these days that were only a dream 20 years ago. Except for flying cars and they are working on that. Talking cars not unusual, turbo boost can be nitrous oxide or a push of a boost controller on turbo car, bulletproof vehicles have been around for a long time, the new lexus parks itself so how long till it drives itself.

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