Hospital / Mitchell

The road home…

We are home. Mitchell was finally given his home pass, although it seemed a somewhat reluctant consolation from the doctors… they still don’t know what exactly caused the episode on monday, and they are sending us for a whole pile of tests in coming weeks. But we are home.. and that is the important thing. Mitchell became quite restless as his personality and energy started to return in the kids ward. The canula became ineffective because he kept trying to move around, and eventually they decided to remove all the wires…. Mitchell was MUCH happier to have a bit of his freedom back, albeit around his private room. Unfortunately he needed more blood tests, and I have discovered getting blood from a 11 month old is not an easy thing. Several locations and screams later, blood was finally drawn. My poor baby looks like he has been ravaged by a vampire with all the holes and cuts in him. After that, he didn’t want to be in his room… so we got permission to spend time in the kids garden at one end of the ward.. it was the seeming freedom Mitchell needed to get him through the rest of his stay. The trip home was one of excitement for Mitchell… coming out into the carpark, he was drowzy, but happy. He watched everything as we drove home. The minute we started to pull into our driveway, Mitchell started to get excited and started bouncing in his carseat. He even squealed in excitement as we walked through the front door. He is happy to be home. He explored his home, and then came to me… I placed him in his cot, and he crashed without even a fight or whimper… Home is safe, and he is feeling better. Home is safe, and although exhausted we are feeling better. He is almost back to his old self. I have my baby back!

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