Bath Diving

Mitchell has been home for a few days now, and aside from the big waterproof bandage on his leg where the needle was drilled in, and the less obvious holes from canula’s and blood tests, he is back to his normal little self. Into everything… especially the bathroom. In fact, while making the bath yesterday, Mitchell on tippy toes leaning into the bath decided to climb in on his own and went head first into the bath fully clothed. Thank god there was water in it. I was freaking of course, but Mitchell thought it was great, and was not impressed when I pulled him out of the bath to at least get the clothes and soaked nappy off. He is such a water baby. He will go directly for a shower or bath when he sees it. And no matter how long he is in the shower or bath, he cries when you get him out. I hate to see what he will be like when he gets into a swimming pool!


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