Mitchell Update

I wanted to take some time out to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed, called, chatted and visited providing support during our little scare with Mitchell. Your support has been invaluable… it really has. His latest checkup has given him the all clear – back to full health.While we still have scans and checkups to go in the coming weeks, Mitchell is back to his normal boisterous, energetic, curious self. As is evident from the picture. ;)I am hoping he won’t be scaring us again any time soon. But I’ve been told boys can be a lot more stress, and involve many more visits to an emergency ward than girls. I am optimistic this won’t be the case with Mitchell.. but I guess only time will tell. I honestly wasn’t sure at the time his convulsion happened he would make it to his first birthday… and yet here we are less than a week out.  We’re having a small party on the weekend, so the next couple of days for me are preparing and cooking… which I actually don’t mind when I get to make cakes. 😉


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