Bethany / Easter / Fun

Over Easter

Happy Easter to everyone. We’ve had quite a busy one. It involved a visit to the zoo, much to the enjoyment of Mitchell and Bethany. The rain held off long enough to make it a good day.Then the obligatory visit to the Sydney Easter Show.  As always, it involved a visit to the showbags, petting of some fluffy and feathery farm animals, loads of unhealthy food, and an expensive dose of rides. Bethany got to see Dora, much to her delight… she had been nagging for about a week beforehand on how she had to see Dora. She was quite happy to walk around, and even Mitchell tried to escape and crawl off on his own once or twice.We must be crazy to do this every year.. it’s expensive, and exhausting, and even a bit frustrating, but at the end of the day when we see the smiles on our kids faces, and the delight they share in their showbag booty… it makes it worth while. If only I could get rid of this easter chocolate a bit quicker so I didn’t have the temptation sitting around the house. 


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