Hospital / Mitchell


Mitchell had to go for his first headscan last week… An EEG. Basically 40 odd sensors were placed (stuck with a glue-like substance) around his head, wires going everywhere and then a net placed over the top. he HATED it. Can you blame him? It looked extremely uncomfortable. Then we were casually told to try and keep him still for 20 minutes. You try keeping a fully awake one year old still for 20 minutes. It is no easy task. Strobe patterns were then shoved in front of him, all the time his brain activity being recorded and his activity watched by video. This test assesses the possibility of epilepsy, and we have been told the results will take over a week to process.. so we have to wait and see, but I am hoping it all went well. 

Taking the sensors off involved in a sweeping ‘rip’ motion not unlike a band-aid from Mitchell’s poor little head. He didn’t take it well, screaming for several minutes before our cuddles started to settle him. However he was clingy and whinging for the rest of the day thanks to the experience.

Fortunately, he recovered after a slightly unsettled nights sleep. Anyone got any tips on how to ween Mitchell off a bottle of milk during the night… I am open to any and all suggestions. He is waking around 3 am demanding a bottle, and it has to have milk (not water)… he refuses a dummy as a substitute, and is so stubborn that controlled crying is just giving him a temperature. So yeah… disrupted sleep with a one year old … NOT FUN! Mitchell is really easy during the day, but a lot of work at night… and Bethany was the complete opposite… she loves her sleep far too much…

Anyway.. just to prove Mitchell is still doing well….

He has taken to investigating Bethany’s ‘dress up box’, and loved this hardhat so much he took it to bed with him. He’s not a fan at all of a certain british children’s tv show builder though… He doesn’t mind his trains though… but seems to have a fondness for cars (kaaaa as he says), and balls… literally ALL balls.. read into that how you will. 😉

He now says ‘bah-eee’ for Bethany, and likes to say ‘bye-bye’, even if no one is going anywhere. But he’s really not as vocal as Bethany was… I’m not complaining… it is just an interesting difference… whoever said no two kids are alike… was certainly right.

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