Another day… another visit to the doctor…

We thought our weekly visits to a dr/specialist were over. We were WRONG.

Mitchell came down with a fever on wednesday. We speculated it was an ear infection, as he was pulling his ear, hot, miserable, and generally un-settlable. Unfortunately the doctor couldn’t see him until thursday morning… long hours of keeping one eyeball on Mitchell while the other was on everything else pre-occupied my time. We gave him Neurofen (pain medication which also reduces fever) to keep the temperature down… we did NOT want another joy-ride in an ambulance, let alone another stay in hospital. While sleeping, I had one ear to him at all times. What I expected to hear if anything went wrong, god only knows … in hindsight… silly eh? I am overly paranoid now when Mitchell is sick… can you blame me?

Fortunately, the night was uneventful, and we got to the doctors offices, where, knowing Mitchell’s drama with a temperature last time (given they were there an experienced it), the nurses kept a watchful eye on him while we waited. The doctor said we were wise to come in, given we still really don’t know what caused Mitchell’s febrile convulsion. This time around… an ear infection (as we guessed!!!). Mitchell was put on medication straight away, along with the Neurofen… a course to run 4 days… but believe it or not… the next day Mitchell was as happy as could be. I had expected him to be lousy on friday… but he was happy, bouncy, boisterous… all the things you expect. Go figure! The wonders of medicine.

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