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Get ready to Wiggle…

Today we went and saw ‘The Wiggles’ in a small local venue in the north of Sydney (as opposed to their big Christmas concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre’). The waiting to get in was awful.. hot, sticky, lots of pushy and rude mums… welcome to the joys of taking your children to non-allocated seating concerts.

We opted to sit back from the stage on the chairs provided, as opposed to sitting on the floor in front of the stage. It gave me better control of Mitchell for a start, and ensured no ‘pins and needles’ on my poor legs. We were close enough that the view was fine and the kids could see everything for most of the show. The show was short – barely reaching an hour in length – with a mix of nursery rhymes and classic Wiggles tunes performed by Sam, Geoff, Anthony, Murray and company. There wasn’t much of the ‘other’ characters… one song each for Dorothy, Wags and Henry, plus the finale, which wasn’t too bad considering we were there to see the Wiggles. The Wiggly dancers were excellent as always, and even had 2 performances without the Wiggles… which the kids (all of the kids at the show, not just mine) got a bit restless over, but the dancing was appreciated by those of us in the audience over the age of 5. 😉

Overall.. the Wiggles got a Mitchell rating of:

Given my arms are still sore from holding him up bouncing the entire time the Wiggles sang anything… I am guessing they got a thumbs up… or at least a ‘toothy smile’ from my little man (of what teeth he currently has… all 6!). 

Bethany enjoyed the show, but on an entertainment level.. she wasn’t that interested in the individual characters, but more the dancing and doing actions to the songs. 

So… I’m exhausted… but as the kids had a sleep in the car on the way home…. the joys of parenting never end. 😉


One thought on “Get ready to Wiggle…

  1. You are such an awesome mom, because normal people don’t go to Wiggles concerts. Ha ha. That photo is PRICELESS. That smile must make every drop of noise worth it. He is adorable!

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