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Sand, Sand, and Hurricane Mitchell

Our annual (but probably last) trip to rough it at Sussex Inlet was for the long weekend (Queens Birthday). Bethany had a wonderful time with her friends, and in the sand. Mitchell also had an awesome time, literally flying along the sand, and destroying everything in sight all the other kids built on the beach.

In the meantime, Titus was nice enough to give me some quiet time, some time to think, some time to write, some time to fish, and even some time to have a Breezer or two. I needed it.. as selfish as it sounds… I needed some time out to just clear my mind, evolve some thoughts, and generally chill out. I don’t chill out enough… So it was good. And yes… I caught *TWO* fish.. a leopardfish (nasty little thing that is poisonous and had to be thrown back), and a flathead (although it pulled off the hook literally as I was landing it.. but I have witnesses!!!).

And since I haven’t posted a picture of me in quite some time, here are Mitchell and I down on the beach below the cabins we stayed in. 


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