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An unexpected visit…

Granny and Grandpa decided to fly in to spend some time with the kids.

The kids were elated, but not as much as granny I don’t think. They haven’t seen the kids since Mitchell was born, so they have changed quite a bit, especially Mitchell (obviously)… 

Despite the overcast and often raining weather, they all had fun playing, going to the park, and of course, exercising ‘grandparents perrogative’ the kids were spoilt rotten. 

The kids had a blast at the park with granny and grandpa. In particular, the horsy ride ‘thing’ seemed to keep them amused for some time despite the cold, wind and drizzle. On mornings, the kid would be found in with their grandparents as soon as they woke… playing, laughing and having fun… so I think granny and grandpa had a good time, although I am sure they needed a holiday after spending time with the kids. 😉


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