Hospital / Mitchell

Magnetic Mitchell

Yesterday Mitchell has his MRI scan to check the function and more importantly the structure of his brain in an attempt to explain the febrile convulsions Mitchell is prone to. I was, of course, nervous about it all, as Mitchell had to have a general anesthetic, and the idea of him going limp (again), even in controlled circumstances, had been playing on me. He was admitted to a bed in the children’s ward, and he was grumpy… wouldn’t you be too if you hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for a while? Eventually his turn came to go down for his MRI, and he was wheeled into a room where he sat on Titus’s knee to administer the gas to put him to sleep. He was smiling and laughing as the slowly turned up the quantity of gas going through his little mask and he literally just closed his eyes just as he does when he is falling asleep (opposed to the eyes rolling back in the head that accompanied his febrile convulsion. He was ‘sleeping limp’ as opposed to ‘dead limp’… there IS a difference.. so my fears were all false, and while I was uncomfortable leaving my son unconcious with (albeit highly trained) strangers for an hour or more, I was relieved that he hadn’t been distressed.

Meanwhile we went to the cafeteria for the duration and watched the clock move so slowly… slower than normal (don’t you hate how time becomes a relative thing).. (oh – and hot chocolate at the Gloria Jeans at RNS is foul. I learned that the HARD way.. *yuck*)

An hour and 20 minutes later we were told we could go to Recovery and see our ‘little buddy’. We were told to sit in the waiting area, and the minute we sat down we heard Mitchell’s cries echoing down the corridors. It wasn’t long before a nurse pulled me into the recovery room where a very drowsy and disorientated, not to mention ‘pissed off’ Mitchell was screaming his lungs out, and nothing could calm him down. It is amazing how loud a one year old can scream even when they are still groggy… I tell ya!

The recovery nurses decided it was probably best for Mitchell to just go back to the ward, as we would be able to settle him there and give him a little milk (it isn’t allowed in recovery). The minute I walked out of the recovery room with him slung on one shoulder, he stopped crying and calmed down… he’s a sucker for motion. Back in the Children’s Ward, we placed him back in his cot, and the nurse on duty raced to get him some milk… since the minute we stopped moving he became distressed again.. The magic of a bottle … and instantly Mitchell was calm, sucking on his milk. Within 2 minutes, he was snoring. Having a general sure takes it out of you. We had to wait another couple of hours to take him home, as they needed to ensure he had no ill side effects. We were all glad to be through with that trip… and now, we wait. 

We find out the results next week… and in some ways, I would like them to find something, so that we KNOW what causes this… but at the same time, I am not sure how mixed my emotion will be if they find nothing abnormal. It would be good, but it would leave things unexplained and uncertain… and frustrating… soooooo… stay tuned. 

And for those wondering about this post’s heading: MRI = Magnetic resonance imaging. 


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