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A fun place to Wiggle!

In light of the fact moving and packing isn’t much fun for the kids, we decided to go have lunch and a play at the Wiggly Play Centre. Mitchell was in absolute heaven from the minute we walked in the door.

Mitchell at the Wiggly Play Centre

Once he discovered the ball pit(s)…( yeah… there were more than one…) we couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He spent a fair amount of our 4 hours (!!!) there playing with the balls. 

Bethany in the meantime discovered the joys of tunnel crawling. She ventured up into the twisting mazes of playground, into the play helicopter booths and then down the slides. All in all, the kids had a great time.

We had lunch there… entirely edible.. a nice change for a kids play joint. The entry fee however was a bit steep. But I guess there is the Wiggles name to pay for… how else would they make their $50 million every year. I have to admit, for school holidays, it was a good choice as it wasn’t overly packed with older kids or kids in general. 

In other news, we have a garage sale this weekend. This will be the first garage sale i’ve ever been to, let alone hosted myself, so I’m pretty nervous and just a wee bit stressed. And I didn’t realise how much “stuff” we have. The kids playroom is over 1/2 full  of stuff to sell… and anything that doesn’t sell is going on the nature strip for the inorganic rubbish collection. I’ll let you know how successful, or how much of a flop the garage sale was…. and in the meantime I’ll try not to pull my hair out.


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