Going, Going…..

Saturday was G day. Garage Sale day. I was stressed. I’ve never been to a garage sale, let alone hosted one, so I had no idea what to expect. It was scheduled to start at 8.30 am, so we started moving stuff out at 7.30 am.. and people started streaming up then and there, wanting to buy pretty much straight away! It was a scene of chaos.. people rummaging through stuff as quickly as we could shift it out. But our prices can’t have been too bad as a lot of stuff sold. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but happy with the result, and most of the stuff that didn’t sell went out on the side of the road, and a lot of it was gone by the next morning. On top of the garage sale, my little blue car that I brought brand new with only 4 k’s on the clock was put up for sale on friday, and someone put a deposit down the same day for almost the asking price. So this morning, it was gone, sold… *sob*… but at the same time, given it was only a Daihatsu Charade 1 litre manual with no extras, it sold for a really good price, so I’m happy. 

Less than two weeks till we fly… it’s getting closer… 


On the children front: Mitchell is sick again. Yesterday morning he was fine. At 1 pm, he got hot and vomitted twice, then lost it at the other end too. I ended up taking him to a medical centre as we (obviously) get worried any time he heats up. He has been put on medication, and neurofen and panadol, and he had to have nothing but hydrating fluid yesterday (a challenge when your son won’t even drink water… just milk).  Driving home from the medical centre, Mitchell had a three minute convulsion, so we headed in the direction of the hospital the minute it started, but as it only lasted 3 minutes, we were able to just drive home and calm him there. It is times like that, I have to reluctantly thank god for the Wiggles. We placed a Wiggles dvd on and he calmed down in front of it, eventually falling asleep. 

He had a good night, and while not 100% he’s doing much better. Now I’m holding my breath to see if Bethany comes down with it or not. Bethany meanwhile is good. 3 going on 13 with her ‘tude and hands on hips, but good. 😉

One thought on “Going, Going…..

  1. Get the sickness out of the way before flying!! Great job on selling the car so quickly–betting things are looking empty! **hugs**

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