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Beijing Olympic Mascot #3

While out shopping today, we were fortunate to discover yet another of the 5 Olympic Mascots for the Beijing Games.

This one is called Nini. She is a representation of the swallow, and is based on designs of flight from traditional chinese kites. She is supposed to be strong in gymnastics, joyful as a swallow, and she represents the Green Olympic Ring. If you’re having problems seeing the link, her headpiece has a swallow face with green wings either side. 

Bethany couldn’t wait to go up and say hi this time… after all.. this is the panda’s sister. 😉

She was very excited, and all Mitchell wanted to do was touch Nini… you should have seen the shots we went through to get one where he was ‘kind of’ looking at the camera! (thank god for digital technology). 

In the Olympic spirit… I decided to wear one of my Superman t-shirts today… funnily enough, so did quite a few people we saw while out and about… kinda cool really. I’ve also discovered that some of the big department stores have sales all year around dedicating one of their floors to an ‘event area’ where the items on sale are displayed for easy access… awesome! I can ‘window shop’ and have guilt free retail therapy all year long even when the sales aren’t on… hehehe.. Titus will probably go white if he reads this. 😉

Tomorrow is another time for change for us. We’re moving into a serviced apartment tomorrow.. it’s 700 sq ft.. so it will be about twice the size of the hotel room we’re in now, with 2 bedrooms and a combined lounge/dining plus kitchen. I am hoping the kids will appreciate having a bit more room, and Bethany will have her own room where she can ‘hide away’ from hurricane Mitchell when she wants to play with certain toys and games she has brought with her. It will be in a different part of the city though – Mid-Levels… and I am curious to see what it is like as it is often where all the expats live (and where the rental is redicliously expensive).


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