Hong Kong / Mitchell

A bigger place…

To call home temporarily… for the next month. We are now in a serviced apartment. It is in a completely different part of the city, and it is a culture shock for me… but i’ll get to that. 

We arrived at the serviced apartment yesterday afternoon and started to settle in (which for me involved unpacking). Mitchell was ‘checking out’ all the rooms, and when my head was turned, he ended up climbing into one of the wardrobe cupboards.. and didn’t want to budge… he was giggling hysterically to himself about finding such a cool spot.

It’s one of those things you HAVE to take a picture of… I eventually pried him out of there… much to his disappointment.

So the apartment is a 2 bedroom place, with a surprisingly decent sized kitchen (although no oven) and a laundry.. it is great to have a bit of breathing room. It’s not home, but it is much better than a hotel room.  The kids seem much more settled, and I just have to re-orient myself and try to figure out how to get around again… no mean task with an independent almost 4 year old and a stroller in a city full of steps, steep hills and escalators… but more on those another day.

Back to my culture shock… 

We’re in an area of Hong Kong called Soho which is a little sub-suburb of Central (which as it implies is where the centre of Hong Kong is, while probably not geographically, certainly economically). Soho is known as the ex-pat area.. and boy, is that a true description. There are almost more non-chinese than chinese on the street we’re living on, and on a road of restaurants, not one chinese one (the closest one is 5 minutes away). There isn’t any chinese signage, and all the restaurant menus are in english (no chinese). For someone wanting to experience Hong Kong, this is not the place to do so. It’s interesting because it gives me an idea of places to come when I an craving Italian, Mexican, cafe’s, burger joints and (a to-die-for) Nepalese, but for me, this is not Hong Kong. But for a month.. it’s home… and it will do…


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