Beijing Olympics / Hong Kong

OMG! Lisamaree just fainted…

New Zealand finally won a gold medal at these olympics. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I’ll faint!

For such a small nation, we really put too much expectation on our sport people. We expect the All Blacks to win.. and aside from Australia, who doesn’t. 😉 

The Olympics always have New Zealand ‘medal chances’ in a number of events. Traditionally, yachting, rowing, cycling and equestrian with the occasional track and field thrown in for good measure. We won’t talk about the equestrian effort this time around though will we. Does New Zealand have that much of a chance of getting more gold? Nah (although the NZ papers are saying there could be yachting gold)… but for a little nation stuck down the back-end of the planet, they’ll sure give it a go. And it won’t stop me cheering for them either way.

In true ‘down under’ spirit, so will Australia. Seven golds and counting. Again, big expectations for a (by world standards) small population. Australia are aiming ‘top 5’ on the medal tables. Good for them too. Why not.. they’ve done it before (albeit with the swimming maestro Ian Thorpe). 

I support both nations in the Olympics. Can you blame me? I was born in one, my kids were born in the other.. and both are battling the rest of the world… It’s nice to see the ‘under’ dogs make it big on the world stage. 

In Hong Kong news… we went to a shopping mall today (I know… thrilling stuff (NOT))… it was huge, AND it had an ice rink!! (and no – I wasn’t having homesick hallucinations of Macquarie Centre). It also had the most amazing food court I have ever seen. ‘Express Teppan-yaki” (cooked on a hotplate in front of you in minutes), “Express Steamboat” (with individual pots of water to cook in), name a style of chinese cooking, it had a stall, vietnamese, indian, thai, malaysian… all represented. We’d already eaten unfortunately, but WOW.. gotta give that a go next time we’re out there.

EDIT: (25/08/2008) New Zealand won THREE gold medals (I know… shocking isn’t it!) during the Olympics. Commentators on TV here in Hong Kong mentioned it as an amazing feat for a country with such a small population. They were comparing the medal to population ratio’s and commenting that New Zealand would be in the top 5 most successful nations if that was taken into consideration…. what a laugh!


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