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It’s always cold inside the…

Those of you who know me well, will know exactly why I had to take a photo of this road as we walked past it. How could I NOT? For those of you who don’t know me well… have you seen Master & Commander? If so, remember the music? It was written by the lead singer of a band, which also wrote the iconic australian anthem ‘Great Southern Land’. The name of that band is Icehouse. 🙂

Unfortunately, it wasn’t cold, although it is cool. 😉

Speaking of music… my ipod seems to have changed ownership to my daughter…

She won’t give it back… I shouldn’t have loaded it with Disney music should I….

Today I met other mums. I know… seems weird… but you might have noticed up until now it is mostly the kids and I out and about on the town. Along with another expat mum, we organised to get together not far from where we will eventually be living. I turned up and to my amazement, discovered an indoor playroom which is free. Yes… free! Provided by the Hong Kong government for the use of children under the age of 9. There is a no photo policy, so I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but basically it had lots of those large foam slides and ‘objects’ for kids under 3 in one room, while a medieval castle themed room for the older kids had slides, climbing frames and tunnels to explore, )not dis-similar to lollipops in Sydney), but on a much smaller scale. I was impressed, and the kids were delighted. It was in air-conditioning, so none of the discomfort of the parks we’ve been exploring outside. There were lots of other kids, and both Bethany and Mitchell found friends to run, jump and chase. Bethany was chasing boys older than her.. should I be worried? Every two hours the kids were cleared out of the rooms and a team of staff disinfected the whole room before the kids were allowed in again. Again, I was impressed. 

For me, I got to meet a couple of mums and have some adult conversation. Conversation I have been greatly missing. It was interesting to hear their stories, and learn about their adventures. It made me miss my mothers group back home… you don’t miss what you have until you loose it.

It was also interesting to see how maids operate. There were a lot of western children at the play rooms with their Phillipino maid. This is of course normal, but what was of interest for me was how the maids interacted with the children under their care, particularly since i’ve got the option to have a live-in maid if I want. Some sat outside the rooms, talking to their friends while the kids played. Some sat in the rooms and interacted with the children… even playing with them. Some however seemed to be angry the whole time, as if having the kids was a real bother to them. I was amazed. If I had a maid and saw her treating the children as mere ‘objects’ or inconveniences, she wouldn’t be employed by me for long. I find that attitude wrong.. I think the maids who were playing with the kids in their care have the right attitude.. it should be fun. They were all smiles… it was as much fun for them to be playing with the kids as it was for the kids to be playing. In fact, some of the maids were so good they were getting group activities with other kids joining in too. It shows me there are good maids out there… I just hope if we choose to get one, I can find one too.


One thought on “It’s always cold inside the…

  1. I absolutely love that picture of Bethany. She’s such a modern kid. I’m just waiting for the day when you tell me she asked for a cellphone from Santa so she can call Superman. 😉

    I am glad that you’re getting out and meeting some people. That is awesome the playground was free, and that you’re having a good time getting to know your new home.

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