Hong Kong


I’ve had more than one person now ask me about the ‘snake trains’ in Hong Kong. I’d never actually heard them referred to as this before… but when you actually look inside one of the ‘MTR’ trains which service the majority of Hong Kong, mostly as a subway… I can see where people derive the term from. 

The MTR trains are just one big ‘tube’ of people surrounded by metal that snakes down the track. I was sitting about 1/2 way down the train in this shot. This probably isn’t a novelty for the Northern Hemisphere people out there, but if you’re used to a Tangara in Sydney, or one of those rickety old trains in New Zealand.. yeah… these MTR trains are pretty neat.

These trains travel pretty fast. A damn sight faster than the Sydney trains.. but then… there is no comparison. Hong Kong trains run on time.. the connecting trains run on time… you walk from one side of a platform to the other, and there your train comes… it’s like magic. 😉

MTR trains stop at every stop on their line. It’s efficient. But when you haul the volume of people these trains have to… you have to be efficient. There is no room for lame excuses or trains being cancelled. 

The only problem I have is the access points for the stroller, and the availability of a lift/escalator.. even then, the staff are friendly enough to help me out. That’d never happen in Sydney. 😉


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