Hong Kong

Where does my day go?

I’m sitting here thinking.. my day.. it is a blur, and yet, what on earth did I do?

OK… well today we actually travelled a LOT. I took the kids to the New Territories and met some other expat mums.. which was 2 train rides (thoroughly efficient though). After that, we ventured back to Hong Kong Island and took a tram to Happy Valley where the kids played for 2 hours in an indoor playground. Then we took another tram to Central, rode the mid-levels escalator and came home. How’s that for ‘how to use links to wikipedia as a geography lesson’? 😉

The expat mums I met were great. A diverse group from different areas of both Hong Kong and the planet. I love absorbing the different experiences and perceptions of people, and it was great to have some adult conversation too… believe me. Life can be lonely as a mum in a new country (where english isn’t the first language) if you don’t reach out and try and make some adult contacts. As much as the kids and I are always out, about and in and out of adventure, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m having much interaction with people other than a few smiles, nods (or growls when people try to take the kids picture without asking… and yes… this has been happening frequently) or saying ‘thank you’ in cantonese. And since I tend to be more quiet and insular in real life (yes… really!!) I know I need to make more effort than most. I am glad I am though. I am meeting wonderful people, and hopefully friends for the kids too.

In other news, we’ve got the keys to our apartment, however it is having window guards put on (because I really don’t want Mitchell skydiving off the 9th floor of the apartment block… do you?) and is going to be cleaned from top to bottom before we start the ‘final move’. We went furniture shopping on the weekend, and decided to go with cheap and practical over extravagant and pricy. In other words, we ended up buying from almost every section of Ikea. I do want to get some nice chinese antiques/furniture pieces which will go home with us, but given the kids are still small, and the apartment is also small, I figure the nice stuff can wait. We have more shopping to do this weekend for the house… electronics for one. But it’s slowly coming together, and finally having a home to call HOME is getting closer. 

HOME…. we take that word for granted. I sit here wondering.. how on earth do people who jet-set and live out of a suitcase do it? How do they uproot so easily without a new place to establish themselves? I find it frustrating, unsettling… we feel so out of place. Not because we don’t belong, but because we don’t have a place that is ours at the moment, where we can relax, let down the guard, not worry about what the kids are doing… The kids feel it too.. they know this isn’t home… but we will be ‘home’ soon enough.


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