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My little girl is all grow’d up…

and off to school! She started her first class today in K2. She could not wait to put her uniform on and show it off. She decided she needed to ‘strike a pose’ for the camera.

In fact, she decided she needed to strike SEVERAL poses. 😉

Once the photos were taken, she couldn’t wait to get out the door on the way to school.

I had to go with her for the first day, to ensure she had someone there if she felt outside her comfort zone. We found out which class she was in, and met her teacher. She’s in the ‘turtle’ class.. and their mascot is ‘Crush‘… to which Bethany excitedly said to me ‘mummy – it’s DUDE!’.. Totally… 😉

Her class has 21 students in it, with one teacher and two teacher aides. I was impressed. The teacher and aides all said hi to Bethany and got to know her. She was given a class buddy to help show her where everything was. There were only three new students in the class as the rest of the class had moved up from K1 together, so most of the kids knew the routine pretty well. 

I was a little uncertain at the beginning about how the school would work, as there is quite a bit of time dedicated to open play, where the children choose themselves which activities around the school they want to do. As I had to stay with Bethany I got to see how it worked. There were different activities set up from sand play to dress ups to jungle gyms to drawing to painting to craft to puzzles to computers to books… you get the picture. Bethany started with water play, then after about 10 minutes with a bit of gentle persuasion from one of the aides went to sand play. About 20 minutes later she decided to have snack time, at which point she kindly told me to ‘get out mummy’. So I left the school (but was told to stay in close proximity) and she happily continued on her merry way with whatever activities she wanted to do. They also had structured ‘circle’ time with singing and stories, etc. When I picked Bethany up after school she was excited because she had had so much fun… she didn’t really wanted to leave (and had to check she would be going back tomorrow) and then on the taxi ride home didn’t even finish telling me all the things she did in the day. I’m pleased. The school said she’s settled so well I don’t have to stay for long tomorrow (normally kids take 2 to 3 days to settle enough for the parent not to ‘stay close’).. awesome stuff. 

And yes… I had a tear in my eye. It was scary, yet so delightful to see my little girl off on her own in a school class. It was different than childcare somehow. But she’s my baby even if she is three… and she’s growing up… way too fast…

One thought on “My little girl is all grow’d up…

  1. Your daughter looks so cute in her uniform! It’s always good to see that the first day to school went so well.
    In my first year of school I was in the turttle group too 😉

    Good luck to lillte Bethany 🙂

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