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Moving in….

We’ve finally moved into our apartment (and out of serviced apartment hell). It should have been easy. We ordered our furniture from Ikea, well in advance. But things are never easy for us are they. 

The furniture arrived… kind of. The delivery guys couldn’t get the sofa in the lift. They refused to bring it up the stairs (we’re not that high up in the building), and thus, the sofabed went back and we were told to choose a different one. Grrrr. Then the delivery guy tells us the warehouse doesn’t have the bed we ordered for ourselves, so they didn’t bring it. Thanks for letting us know earlier >>NOT<< *insert profanity here*. So off to Ikea we trot at 7.30 pm at night (the stuff was delivered at 6.30 pm, and Ikea is open till 10 pm) to find another sofabed. We had to go for an ugly (but in parts so built in the apartment) model, albeit comfortable in the sleeping position. Ah well. It sure was frustrating at the time though. We’re still waiting for the sofa.. apparently tonight before 10 pm it will be delivered. Back to our bed… apparently they DID have it in the warehouse. We were not happy. But with a loud western woman getting more frustrated by the minute, and 2 kids getting bored and feral they delivered and built the bed the next day. 

While Ikea’s service have been only average, all the other providers have been great. The TV arrived and was installed, as was the entertainment unit exactly on time with no hassle. Cable and internet were booked on Saturday and installed before 1 pm today (monday)… try that with Foxtel! All the utilities are online, and now it is just the waiting game for our stuff to arrive from Australia… expect pictures when it gets here… I’m still wondering where we will fit all the toys… but I guess we deal with that when we have to. 

In sprog news, FERAL is the word of the week. Bethany has been nothing but feral. She has thrown temper tantrum after temper tantrum, forgotten how to use manners, and even use words on occasion, always wants to be first, and has taught Mitchell to say ‘MINE!’. I am hoping this is a transition thing. We’ve been hopping from the serviced apartment to the apartment we’ll be living for the last week, with stuff being moved from one to the other. I’m hoping now we’re living in the apartment, she’ll improve quickly (if for nothing more than my sanity). 

Having said that, she loves school. Completely and utterly. Her favorite “free time” activity is the sandpit. She’s already learned a song in Mandarin, and has 2 friends – Alice and Yoyo (yes… I thought the same thing… but he seems to be a very nice boy).

Bethany takes the school bus from out front of our apartment complex every day. The bus has a “bus mother” who cares for the kids from the minute they get on the bus until they reach their teacher in the classroom, and home again from the classroom until they get off the bus. They have special seatbelts which they wear onto the bus… the bus mother ensures they are all clipped in. All I get is a ‘bye mum’, and a huge smile through the window as the bus takes off. 

Mitchell is good, but misses his big sister while she is at school. He’s also learned to run… fast… faster than his sister. It’s unnerving. He ran off in Ikea while we were there buying beds (thank god for the format of one route around the store)… I almost had a heart attack, but we quickly caught up with him, much to his disappointment. I’ve taken to using a leash on him, which he is none too impressed by, and he will spend 1/2 his time trying to pry it off. But we’re in Hong Kong, where people don’t look, and cars don’t look, and buses drive like crazy-people… and it’s crowded… I want to be safe, not sorry. 

Another interesting revelation with Mitchell is the fact he is using his own form of sign language to communicate with us. Besides the obvious shake of the head for no, he will point, pat, or use other quirky little gestures to try and get his ‘wants’ across. It’s cute, and amusing for the fact we haven’t taught him any ‘signs’, but the gestures he uses are quite indicative and easy to understand most of the time. So while he is no where near as communicative as his sister was at the same age, he’s certainly trying to get his message across. My little jock may surprise me after all. 😉

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