Hong Kong

What does it mean to deliver?

It means not arriving until after 11 pm, then claiming that the single lounge chairs won’t fit in the lift… to Ikea delivery men anyway. I’m really unimpressed with the delivery service of the company. We’ve had nothing but problems with the uncooperative and downright lazy delivery crews trying to deliver our stuff. In fact, because Titus didn’t answer his phone (he was dealing with Mitchell while I was out shopping) and they didn’t leave a message, the delivery drivers weren’t even going to deliver our stuff!!! Fortunately Titus had the forsight to call the number that had left no message to discover it was indeed the lazy delivery drivers, who were none too impressed they still had to deliver to us. 

They threw the chairs off the truck as we watched from our window, and made no conscious effort to fit them in the lift. They brought up the sofabed (thank god it was one they had to construct once they got it up here), built it, and then planned to just leave. So Titus went down and showed them how to deliver furniture via an elevator (as they once again refused to bring them up the stairs). They fitted easily into the lift I might add. So albeit painfully (unnecessarily so) we now have all the ‘big stuff’ in the house. Mitchell and Bethany are loving the sofa (that turns into a bed), and Bethany has already made it clear it is ‘her’ sofa. 

Meanwhile, it is wonderful to have a choice of TV shows again. While I don’t encourage the kids to watch a lot of TV, they both have their favorites, mostly from Playhouse Disney. Mitchell loves his ‘Little Einsteins’.. and to be honest anything with music. Both of them love ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’, and Bethany loves ‘Word World’. The intriguing thing here is, I can let them watch in 3 different languages (cantonese, english or mandarin) as there are 3 audio channels per tv channel. And Oh and Ah (the 2 monkey ‘hosts’ on Playhouse) have American accents, not Australian.


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to deliver?

  1. Yep… horrible to deal with.. unfortunately, Ikea almost have a monopoly on the kitset and reasonably priced market here (ironic I know), so we’ll probably have to endure Ikea hell again when we get a few more pieces for the place *groan*. I sure hope they aren’t this bad in Australia.

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