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In the spotlight.. my friend FIONA.

My best friend in New Zealand was on National TV in New Zealand today. I’m sooo proud!! She was really nervous and they changed the questions on her, but for her first time public speaking, she did great!! And as always, her cats are stunning. Even if the tv presenter and camera didn’t really do much to show off the cats.

You can view her here. (Although warning… the streaming TV3 are using is bad)

She breeds Ragdoll cats. The are large, fluffy (but with less grooming required than most cat breeds), intelligent, independent but loving cats with bright blue eyes. Let me introduce you to a few of Fiona’s family…

Cute eh? From left to right are a few of the girls, Millie, Ruby, and Tilly (the baby of the family at the moment).

If you’re interested in getting one of her kittens when they arrive, email me and I’ll put you in touch. (She’s located in New Zealand).

Not to be outdone, here is one of her male cats.

 Pretty handsome huh?

You might be able to tell I’m very proud of my best friend Fiona and her cats. She’s got a hard job being a breeder, but with her love of animals, I think she has the perfect career and amazing cats. Don’tcha think?

Fiona willing you might get some updates in the future… kittens anyone? 😉

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