Hong Kong

When the wind blows…

>>sings<< When the Mothers Talk! Ok – sorry – 80’s music flashback there. 😉

This is what the view from our house looks like when the wind blows through from China…

The first picture is looking towards the city (but with lots of apartments in the way).. they look fuzzy because of the smog in the air. It is actually quite a nice view (if you forget the school I cut out below that scene) when the smog isn’t so bad. That’s the view from the study window of our bedroom.

The other picture is taken from Mitchell’s bedroom window. Now the bushland (it’s a form of national park) you see in the picture is around 500 metres from our apartment block. You might be able to notice the smog even obscures this view. And because I know I’m going to be asked, the swimming pool is in the complex next door (it’s a 6 star luxury apartment complex).

The sunlight becomes filtered in this weather. Those of you in Sydney might like to compare it to a bad bushfire day.. where the sun is almost orange through the “smoke” in the sky. It can be quite eerie. 

This is a bad smog day… most days aren’t quite as bad as this…


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