Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival Eve

Tonight we dared to venture down to Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island to see the Mid-Autumn lantern carnival and let the kids walk around with their lanterns. Mid-Autumn festival apparently celebrates the end of harvest season and the full moon. People here get a public holiday for the festival on monday, where they can get together with their family and celebrate (normally in the form of eating of course). It is a time where people eat mooncakes, and children (and even adults) carry lanterns outside to celebrate the full moon. As you can imagine, with everyone out and about, these public events can be a crowded affair. We jostled our way through to see the various lantern displays. This years displays weren’t as spectacular as the last one I went to in 2002, but Bethany really enjoyed herself.

This was the first display we came across. A field full of lantern tulips under a rainbow sky. There was a big flower theme this year with roses, carnations, daisies, and bunnies…

Bethany wanted to show off her own lantern – Buzz Lightyear. He has a light inside, and plays a (very annoying) tune over and over (and over). Bethany loves it. They’re cheap, they’re everywhere at this time of year, and you can find lanterns of all kinds of characters. Our kids loved the Disney lanterns, but there were anime lanterns, animal lanterns.. you name it really. Traditionally they use candles, but given the risk to burning things, the ‘powers that be’ recommend using battery powered lights. There was no way I would let my children use real candles in their lanterns, but there were a few kids swinging around paper lanterns with candles in them. 

I took quite a few pictures, but I’m most impressed with the one below:

I managed to capture the moon in the photograph with the lanterns, which is no easy task when using an out-of-date point and click digital camera. 😉 Given the ‘moon’ faces, I thought it would make for an interesting pic. What do you think?


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