Bethany / Mitchell

Hair, Hair

Bethany hates having anything done with her hair. She hates having it brushed, she hates having it washed, and she has never let me use a hair dryer on it. Today however, she let a complete stranger do all of the above AND give her a haircut. 

We discovered a children’s hair boutique in Causeway Bay. They have animal chairs for the children to sit in, let the children choose a DVD of their choice from the salons collection for them to watch on individual TV screens in front of each ‘chair’, have toys to play with and offer a full service. We thought we would try it for the novelty sake as a once off, since Bethany has been in desperate need of a haircut. Well we were completely shocked when Bethany sat happily watching Mickey Mouse cartoons on a freaky looking cat (with a fish in it’s mouth) while the hairdresser brushed knots out of her hair, and then cut it. We were even more stunned when Bethany willingly and happily went with the hairdresser to have her hair washed after the haircut. I had to sit down in astonishment when Bethany returned to her cat and the hairdresser proceeded to blow dry her hair.. without one whimper of complaint. I think my actual word to Titus was (with an expression of complete shock) ‘Damn!’. 😉

She loved it, and wants to go back again next time she needs a haircut. Well.. at AU $50 per child (on current exchange rate), it’s a little pricy for a regular visit, but I think given her enthusiasm we will definitely be keeping it as a special treat periodically during the year.

Mitchell didn’t miss out the fun either. 

He loved the different ‘chairs’, and especially the horses. He wouldn’t keep still though (not that he ever does), and Titus ended up having to help keep his head as motionless as possible for parts of the haircut. Even with all the movement, the hairdresser cut his hair with relative ease. I was impressed. So while on the pricy side, it was worth the money at the end of the day. It was very obvious these hairdressers specialised in and were very familiar with how to work with children and their hair. The kids had a blast, and came out of the salon laughing. Bonus!


2 thoughts on “Hair, Hair

  1. Wow–won’t show that salon to Nicholas! and here I was complaining that £6 was steep for a kids cut.. I want to go and have my haircut in that salon!

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