Hong Kong


With a sick Mitchell,

In a Typhoon, which means Schools are closed. No school = grumpy Bethany. 

No school x not allowed to go outside because of aforementioned typhoon = grumpy Bethany to the power of 2. 

So lets start with alone. I am alone. Titus is in India for work for (at least) a week. My support is non-existent. We haven’t been here long enough for me to make friends yet. I am alone. Sure, I can speak enough of the language (and most people speak enough english) to get by, but being able to speak the language is not enough. Sure, I can get around… have public transport, can use it… but where does one go? I’m alone and isolated… but we’ll get to the isolation in a paragraph or two. Maybe I’m homesick. I keep telling myself that’s it… I miss my home… A LOT! I miss the things I took for granted in Sydney. I miss being able to see friends, have the occasional night out without kids… I miss not having support even for the most trivial things close by.

Mitchell is sick. No febrile convulsions… this time. He has a cold with a bad cough. His temperature was up, but the dr’s here gave Titus some medications to help manage things (I made Titus take him 5 hours before he flew out). It doesn’t mean he won’t project his ill feelings on to others however. When he is feeling bad from his cold, we all know about it. Mitchell won’t sleep, and when he does, it is broken. That means I don’t get to sleep either… so I’m tired… exhausted even…

This morning a No.3 Strong Wind Signal was raised. A Typhoon (Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane) is coming close to Hong Kong. It also means Bethany’s school is cancelled. Typhoon Bethany rages inside, while the winds of Typhoon Hagupit bluster outside. It’s windy.. gale force, with some rain and the odd rumble of thunder, but nothing dramatic yet.. it’s supposed to slide past Hong Kong this time rather than hit it. As I type this, a No.8 signal is in force… which means public transport shuts down, businesses stop working, and the city shuts down to a trickle until the brunt of the storm passes. If the storm turns towards Hong Kong, higher warnings can be issued… This is the fourth (I think.. starting to loose count) typhoon since we got here at the end of July.  So I’m isolated. Going out in a typhoon would be plain stupidity… worse with children… and here I am.

Home. Alone. With Wiggles not making me ‘feel like dancing’, although it is keeping the kids placated (somewhat).

2 thoughts on “Alone…

  1. Will just say I know EXACTLY how you feel and I know it isn’t fun. Thinking of you–even with us being here for a year and Mat is away this week, I still feel the alone-ness. How ’bout you whip up a cake 😉

  2. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be so far away from everything familiar. I can however understand the tension of a coming storm. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

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