I’m sick

And no.. I’m not referring to my state of mind. 

Mitchell has been kind enough to share his illness with me, so amidst a throbbing headache which painkillers seem not to have any effect on, running nose and lethargy (on top of my lack of sleep and exhaustion from dealing with Mitchell the last few nights), I am trying to continue the regular routine with the kids on my own… something that was already a challenge while running at full health. 

I wonder who these people are who say ‘things can’t get any worse’… because invariably, in my life, things do… get worse that is. 

Despite my physical and mental health, I am trying to maintain some normalcy in the house for the kids which has been missing over the last couple of months due to our living out of suitcases. So I have been cooking. Nothing flash, nothing extravagant, but the kids seem to enjoy it. Tonight Bethany and I made pizza together from the base through to the toppings, with enough dough left over to make a cheese loaf as well. Bethany loved helping in the kitchen of course.. she always has. I miss my old kitchen. I REALLY miss it. Learning a new oven & stovetop is a chore, trying to figure out where all the ‘stuff’ in the kitchen should be stored is a pain… my old kitchen was designed for me…. so I was so comfortable in it, I took it for granted…

Anyways… the pizza turned out great, Bethany loved it, and wants to make one again as soon as possible… which will probably mean next week, assuming I can recover from this cold. 

The typhoon that blew through last night was fun too. A decent amount of gale force winds, combined with thunder, and horizontal rain. That, I also might point out, was with the centre of the typhoon around 200 km away from Hong Kong… it was fast and furious… and if it wasn’t for the fact I had the weight of my world on me at the moment without my pillar of strength around, I might have been able to sit back and enjoy it from a climatological point of view (sorry – you can take the girl out of the geography field, but you can’t take the geography out of the girl).. instead, the wind kept waking the kids up as it blew around the building, or something that wasn’t tied down on the road outside would crash/clang around, and wake the kids up, or the rain would hammer the window (did I mention it was horizontal rain?) and Bethany would get scared…. oh… the joys…

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