Nothing to see here…. move along, move along…

Titus is back, not thanks to Cathay Pacific changing his arrival time some 5 or 6 times (over an hour and a half after it was due to land)… I am sure you can all appreciate how stressed I was when that started to happen given his plane was only 15 minutes late taking off. Anyways… he landed safely (no thanks to his circling over the ocean waiting for the plane to land), and has been helping to restore my sanity.

I’m still sick… and on medication to try and clear me up… 

Mitchell is still sick too… and on stronger medication. 

And as for Bethany? Well she’s as happy and fit as ever… and wanting to go to school, even though today is a public holiday. 

On the topic of Public Holidays… I think Hong Kong has the right idea… instead of bunching their public holidays into the first part of the year, they are spread out throughout the year. Not that it changes things much for those in ‘services’ since all the restaurants and retail outlets are pretty much open regardless of the day…

And speaking of public holidays… it’s 85 days until Christmas. Have you done your shopping yet? 😉

One thought on “Nothing to see here…. move along, move along…

  1. Sorry to hear that you are still sick! Hope you’ll be better soon!

    Wow 85 days… and no, I haven not done shopping yet. I mostly do this in November after my Birthday, so I have still a month left. And damn, I didn’t realize that my birthday is so soon and I’ll be a year older in no time… *sigh*

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