Beijing Olympics / Bethany / Hong Kong

Strike a pose

Bethany can’t decide if she is a top model…

or Supergirl:

Either way, she found some of the last remaining evidence of the Beijing Paralympics…

This is what Bethany has been calling the “Olympic Cow”… it is supposed to be linked to the main Olympic mascots… but I can’t say I’ve ever seen them all together… 

This one is called “Fu Niu Lele”.. and I honestly can’t see the connection between it and the Paralympics… but Bethany thinks it is cute, and that’s all that matters right?

Bethany being the addict she is couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a last set of photos to remember the Paralympics by.


One thought on “Strike a pose

  1. Surly the latter requires the former.
    Supper powers beat* good looks every time.

    *Except x-ray vission. I duh-whan-a see every old granny and in her knickers when I get on the bus – can you imagine….

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