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Pizza Night

Bethany has discovered the fun of making pizza’s. We make the dough from scratch (with the aid of our trusty bread-maker we shipped form Oz), I add the pizza sauce (I use tomato paste, with a bit of water, olive oil and dried garlic, mixed well) then Bethany adds the toppings, cook for 10 to 15 minutes and ta-daa

It’s fun and tasty! Bethany even likes cold pizza for lunch the next day!

and the leftover dough is made into a little cob of bread that Mitchell just loooves…

This new activity was inspired by my brother… who makes ‘slab’ pizzas the size of a whole oven tray (I kid you not!!). I’ll also point out that pizza from places like Pizza Hut and California Pizza Kitchen here are more expensive than back home, and taste just as disgusting. There is nothing like a home made pizza. 😉


3 thoughts on “Pizza Night

  1. Home-made is the best and glad that you are able to do the dough so easily! Great idea about shipping your bread maker! Pizza Hut & Domino’s here are really expensive too (and gross). Knowing that you can buy a pizza for $5 in Sydney and here they charge £10 for each one, stops you from ordering..

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