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The 4th birthday weekend Begins…

AKA Bethany’s Birthday Begins (see her t-shirt if you don’t get the joke).


It is upon us… the first ‘big’ family event since we moved… Bethany is turning 4 this weekend. Unlike previous years, we can’t do the party thing this year because I could hardly call us settled enough (there are still *counts* 6 boxes waiting to be unpacked) and we haven’t really had the time, let alone the fact Bethany is still in the ‘making friends’ mode… all the friends she wants at her party are… well.. in Australia. So, we’ve decided to keep things low key, but spoil our little girl (and her fortunate brother) with a weekend adventure helping to keep the most famous mouse on the planet and his pals from being affected by the recession here in Hong Kong. 

This meant if we wanted to do the ‘cake thang’, it had to be done tonight before we ship out tomorrow first thing to drive over to Lantau Island. 

 After Bethany jumped on her school bus, I whipped up a cake… in the theme of the weekend, it too was a mouse, not unlike last year, only with milk chocolate over the top instead of icing. 😉

We brought the cake out after dinner, much to Bethany’s excitement…

It was so cute to see her bouncing up and down with delight… oh the joys of children…

Then it was time to ‘make a wish and blow’…

She couldn’t wait to eat the ‘red bit’ of the cake… along with some french whipped cream… before you ask… it’s the same as normal ‘down under’ whipped cream, but the cream is from France. Poor Titus had a hard time finding cream in the supermarket… and his choice was one brand… *yay* (sarcasm). It worked though… main thing… right?

Expect lots more photos once we get back from the mouse empire…. (spot the kiwi in me ay bro! *wink*)

2 thoughts on “The 4th birthday weekend Begins…

  1. Love the cake…way cute!!! Have fun with Mickey, and tell him I say, “Hi.” I’ll be going to see his Florida twin again next weekend I think. 😀

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