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Bethany’s Birthday Returns….

As we left our intrepid birthday girl, she was having cake at home… now let’s move forward to the next day…

And we find ourselves in the ‘happiest place on Earth’.. or at least ‘In Hong Kong’. Booked into the Disneyland Hotel, we ventured into Main Street USA and started off with a hearty breakfast at the cafe. Then we headed over to Tomorrowland where we saw Buzz, did a few rides… then over to Fantasyland where we saw Alice, did the Tea-Cup thing… then the kids wanted to meet Mickey, so who were we to stop that wish coming true.

Mitchell raced up to Mickey first, and was completely in heaven, laughing, smiling and doing all those innocent child who has just has a dream come true kind of things.

Bethany was also delighted to spend some time with Mickey. She also got him to sign her birthday autograph book.. a way for her to remember the special weekend. It has slots for all these photos she had with all the characters too. 🙂

Then after a bit of reflection with Mulan (hahaha… get it?) Bethany saw #2 on her list, Donald…

Donald signed her autograph book as #1… very cute.

I think the kids have more fun with the characters than the rides, because once they saw that the characters on main street were dressed up for Halloween, they wanted to see them as well. We queued for an hour (!!!) for Bethany to see Mickey and Minnie…

That is far longer than anything else we’ve ever queued for in this Disneyland… but Bethany and Mitchell were over the moon. 

We had dinner at a Maxim’s restaurant IN Disneyland… it was edible, especially for theme park food, about on par with ‘Chequers’ in Sydney… the kids enjoyed the food and I enjoyed a ‘lime freeze’….mmmm

We were also (still) in Disneyland for the Halloween Parade that night… and Main Street was immersed in colour… including….

PINK! heh. 😉 If you squint you might be able to see Sleeping Beauty’s castle doused in blue/green light. 

We left Disneyland around 10 pm that night! The kids were happily exhausted as we only had to grab a shuttle back to the hotel.. around 3 minutes away… thank goodness. We all crashed.. especially knowing we had to be at the restaurant around 8 am the next morning…


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